Exhibition ‘Rooting Point’

Rooting point
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The exhibition ‘Rooting Point’ aims to attract the attention of a wider audience to the culture of Belarus and strategies to preserve your own identity far away from home. It is a collaboration of three artists with Belarusian origin, each of whom is rediscovering her roots in her own way, in connection with immigration, the unprecedented repressions in Belarus itself, and the war in neighbouring Ukraine. Lena Davidovich, Julia Mekes and Tasha Arlova address the matter through different media and visual languages with the intention to support Belarusian culture and identity. The exhibition will be open in Arti en Amicitiae from July 10-21.

The festive opening will be held on July 10 at 19.00.

Within the exhibition program there will be a few workshops. On July 17 at 17:30, Halina Mihutskaya hosts a workshop “From Lost to Found: Unearthing Personal Power.” It explores self-expression through bodily movement, unlocking hidden potential and untapped knowledge of the body and mind. It consists of a warm-up session for participants to release barriers and connect with others, followed by bodily improvisation to encounter hidden inner selves and tap into the body’s inherent memory. The language of the workshop is English. On July 20 at 17:00 Julia Mekes will conduct a workshop, where the participants will plunge into a mysterious and eternally inspiring world of geometric symbols. Under Julia’s supervision one can break the code of the thousands’ year old symbols and use them in order to write their new message. Stencilling will be the main technique offered. 

Monday, 10 July 2023 at 19:00

📍Arti en Amicitiae, Rokin, Amsterdam

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